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Making EC2 architectures resilient

Sometimes there’s AWS services released that sound really interesting, but you never really get a chance to use them in anger. For me, AWS Fault Injection Simulator is one of those. It’s not a shiny new service by any stretch, but one that has always interested me and has definitely ascended my to-try list now that I’m spending more and more time advising clients on building Well-Architected AWS applications.

This series of articles will be a healthy mix of hands-on and theory.

We’ll learn about why resiliency is so important in modern cloud architectures and how to balance it with other factors. Then we’ll get our hands dirty with AWS Fault Injection Simulator, a service that makes it easy to run scenarios against your deployed AWS resources that simulates a real-life failure. Perfect for testing out the theory!

To finish up, we’ll learn how to improve an AWS architecture to make it more resilient, re-running the same scenarios to see whether our improvements have helped.

Workshop contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Bootstrapping infrastructure

  3. AWS Fault Injection Simulator - Coming soon!
  4. Making it more resilient - Coming soon!