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Alex Kearns

An image of Alex Kearns, wearing a navy blazer and white t-shirt with arms crossed.

Hello! I'm Alex. I live in the UK, where I help businesses migrate their applications to AWS and realise the benefits of the cloud.

I've always been a bit of a geek. Interested in computers from an early age, whether it was in relation to software or hardware. I remember writing my first HTML at school and being hooked on the process of writing code that changed what appeared on the screen. I also remember being fascinated at how computers worked inside, taking great pleasure in dismantling the family computer. I'm not sure my parents remember it so fondly, given that I could not put it back together again!

I think it was always clear to me that I would end up working in tech in some way, shape or form. It took a little while to work out exactly what it was - I began with a software development role during, and for the years immediately following, my studies at university. In this role I had some exposure to AWS, primarily due to it being a small team and someone having to do it! I began to cut my teeth on the high level concepts that I'd need as a base.

Through self study as well as increased responsibility at work, I moved to BT to work specifically on AWS projects. The long term plan was for me to become a consultant, however due to delays during the pandemic I spent my time there working on internal projects. Specifically, these projects were around cloud adoption within the business as well as the governance required for it to be used on sensitive projects.

After BT, I moved to Inawisdom - an AWS Partner specialising in helping businesses to extract usable insights from the data that they have. This was typically via the means of new (or improved) data platforms, or via machine learning.

Today, I'm working at Ubertas Consulting. Ubertas are an AWS Advanced Partner that focus on helping customers to migrate to AWS as well as architecting their workloads in according with AWS best practices.